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Two deaths, each totally unexpected, in the New City Hospital occur within minutes of each other. A former Medical Examiner raises suspicions about the causes of death in each case but only after a delay of several days. Are these ‘cold cases’ related? Do the victims’ backgrounds hold clues to their deaths? The hospital Chief of Staff calls on an old buddy from the Air Police, now a homicide detective, for help and the findings from the in-depth investigation are also unexpected.

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Someone may be trying to kill an elderly homeless man on the streets of Cincinnati. Or is he just having some really bad luck? New City Hospital third year resident Ben Nealy tries to convince his professors of the former and finally gets attention from Tom Bolling, chief of staff. Tom is a retired Air Force general whose daily activities involve him in quality of care issues beset by tradition. When he gets involved he draws in an old friend, former Air Force Criminal Investigator Ron Looney. At that point the case becomes deeper and more sinister than ever.

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G.L. Barbour is a retired academic professor of medicine, public health and quality improvement. His career included practice and teaching in federal hospitals state universities and consulting in a variety of medical and industrial settings. He has written two books and several chapters on health care improvement and more than 50 articles in peer reviewed journals. After he retired he began writing fiction with an emphasis on medical murder mysteries. He and his wife live in Virginia.